Comprehensive Roof Inspection in Gainesville

An annual roof inspection from the seasoned experts at Crosier & Son Roofing Inc. in Gainesville is the most basic and important kind of preventative maintenance you can have performed. If you have recently purchased your home or commercial building or have had the roof replaced, our thorough inspections and servicing are the best ways to ensure a solid return on your investment. Our experienced workers are trained to keep their eyes open for the typical early indications of deterioration and present them to you so you may take appropriate action. If you are in need of any installation of roof specialties, we can help you with that as well.

Get an Annual Checkup for Your Home or Business

It is always a good idea to have a periodic inspection of your roof to keep it in optimal condition, but there are a few instances of weather in which you should consider making some alterations to your schedule. Most of these involve precipitation, as rain and tree debris can sit in one area of your roof for a long period of time, holding moisture against the shingles and potentially removing granules to create bald spots. Additionally, living in a humid climate can also cause damage, as it presents ideal conditions for moss and airborne algae to accumulate and retain moisture in a similar fashion. On the other hand, extended periods of exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can also diminish a roof’s protective qualities.

Also Serving Alachua & High Springs

Unless you want to be paying for a massive repair job down the road, it is wise to have your roof inspected sooner rather than later. If your building is located in High Springs, Alachua or Gainesville, give Crosier & Son Roofing Inc. a call at 352-372-0220.